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THE BOYMEN is about 2 unemployed dudes who have been doing nothing with their adult lives for the past 4 years, stuck in the same cycle every day. When crime begins to raise in Zos Zantos, Chan and Tanner decide to do something about it.

About the Authors

BOYMANCHAN is a somewhat popular artist/musician/content creator on Newgrounds, TikTok, and YouTube. Chan claims that there is nothing interesting about him, so I just wont write anything else here.

Welra is a very unpopular artist/attempted musician/content creator on Newgrounds, YouTube, and TikTok. It's weird to write in third person I'm literally writing a section on myself. It'd be pretty cool if you checked both of us out and subscribed and followed and liked and favorited all of our posts.

also we have an album (Spotify Link).

(Comic Teasers by BOYMANCHAN)

comic status:

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